Welcome to The QLab Cook Book!

The QLab Cook Book contains a selection of projects and examples using a broad range of QLab programming techniques including AppleScript, OSC, and external control using QLab Remote and third-party OSC controllers.

The Site is updated for QLab 4.  Many of the screenshots are from QLab 3 but, unless noted, are generally functionally similar  to the same workspace opened in QLab 4. Example workspaces may have been created in QLab 3. All QLab 3 workspaces have been tested in QLab 4.1. If no specific QLab 4 workspace is available then the QLab 3 workspace should open and function in QLab 4.1 or later.

It is not intended as a comprehensive manual or tutorial and is more to be explored, rather than used as a definitive reference work. Some of the techniques described are experiments at the very limits of what QLab is capable of, so should be tested thoroughly on show set ups, before being deployed in actual productions. Other chapters have tips that require very little processing or computer resource that can save hours of programming time.

Much of the basis of the underlying techniques used, in particular a lot of the scripting, has been based on the work of the QLab users community, and Figure 53 staff, in posts to the QLab Google group or the QLab Wiki.

For a more complete selection of QLab tips, the following links may be useful:

QLab Google group

Figure 53 WIKI

QLab Official Documentation

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