[Revised for QLab 4.1 13 JUL 17]

SUPEREMOJIMATION is the art of creating animated sequences in QLab using nothing but Titles cues, Fade cues, and standard Apple fonts, to create motion graphic sequences.

This could be quite boring, unless you are a typography freak, but luckily Apple include an Emoji character set in the built in fonts of all recent versions of OS X, which can be used to create simple animations.

The other cool thing about this is that your cue names and targets  are also spelt out in emojis which you may find very pleasing indeed!


The end result can look something like this

Obviously this is of limited practical value, but as it utilises all of the geometry properties in video and fade cues, it can be useful as a fun training exercise or competition for end of term QLab classes.

To access the emoji character set, open the font menu in the QLab Title cue, text inspector window, (the button with the A on it).  From the gear icon in the fonts window, select characters…. and Emoji in the character viewer. You can then double click on an Emoji to enter it into the text inspector of a Title cue. Set the size of the graphic  using the font menu slider.

Here’s a screen grab of these windows in use.

Emoji Font Windows

You can download the QLab workspace for the Emoji Town example featured in the video QLab 3 here  (will also open in QLab4.0). The additional Typographical tools in QLab 4.1 change the positions of some elements download a revised version for    QLab4.1 and later here


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