Controlling Procedural and Physical Modelling Plug-Ins

Adding a control system.

With the large number of cues in the workspace scattered across many cue lists, it is sensible to consolidate control of the main control cues as a series of start cues in a QLab cart targeting the individual group cues for each action.. These carts can also have hotkey triggers. Here’s the Cart for controlling the example workspace.

Turbine Cart

The Hotkeys are visible on the cart buttons. The cue numbers are arranged so that groups of cues can be addressed with wildcards in OSC addresses. So, for instance, all the thrust pass controls can be set back to their default color using :

/cue/p*/colorName blue

The cart can be used in conjunction with record cue sequence….. in the QLab tools menu

Open a new cue list and record cue sequences, consisting of cart button pushes as in this video:

Although we have barely scratched the surface of what can be achieved with these new tools, we have covered a broad range of techniques which can be modified for use with other physical modeling and procedural plug-ins. They can also be used to provide OSC control and feedback to any effects plug-in that doesn’t have that facility.

You can download the example QLab workspace and the Plogue bidule patch here

Requires TURBINE and PLOGUE BIDULE STANDALONE to be installed prior to launch.


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