Controlling Procedural and Physical Modelling Plug-Ins

Adding more controlled parameters.


The techniques used in controlling the thrust slider, and feeding back its position to QLab can be modified to control as many parameters as required. In the patch above we are controlling the Turbine master volume and the 3-dimensional position of the aircraft in the Turbine simulation system. The x,y,z position of the aircraft is controlled by pitch bend data on MIDI ch 2-4 and the values for these positions is sent to QLab in OSC messages every time the position of the aircraft changes.

Sim Mode

Using this information the motion of the plane can be controlled in QLab, and again QLab can take over control of the position of the plane seamlessly, as it always knows where it is in the plug-in’s coordinate system as the information sent from Turbine is stored in dummy disarmed text cues.


In the example QLab workspace there are cues that copy the positional data into other cues that represent the starting coordinates and the endpoint coordinates. Once these points are stored there are a series of buttons that initiate the aircraft traveling between the points.

Flight cuessimplified

The programming could easily be expanded to store any number of waypoints and move through them sequentially.