Custom Control QLab Lighting & Visualise Output

This Chapter uses a custom made helper to control the QLab Lighting Dashboard. The helper allows the color of an RGB lighting fixture to be set using a color picker. It also provides a master fader for the Dashboard RGB slider values. The color picker will also track the RGB faders in the helper to show the resulting output color.

It also shows how to output the DMX Art-Net from QLab to a free lighting  Visualiser app, running on the same machine as QLab, without an Art-Net interface. This allows experimentation and pre-visualisation without the need for a lighting rig.

In addition to QLab, it uses the following software which can be downloaded without charge, using the links below.


This will build all sorts of custom control layouts on a mac and has an extensive range of stock control types.

It’s in quite an advanced stage of development but is in no way a fully packaged Mac App. When you open the program you get a configuration screen with quite a lot of variables like OSC ports and file to load, which you check and amend prior to launching the app proper.

Once you get used to its extremely unconventional and un-mac like interface it’s very powerful and seems very stable for a  beta release.  You would, though, need to thoroughly evaluate it prior to any serious use.

Capture Nexum Student Edition

This is a fully featured lighting visualizer, with Art-Net input, that is cross-platform.

There is a limited range of fixtures in this edition. but there are moving lights to play with, trusses, smoke, irises, and gobos etc.

The Student Edition of Capture Nexum is a free version of Capture that may be used for any purpose, educational or not. Feature-wise it is based on the Solo Edition, with the following differences:

  • Reduced amount of trusses and fixtures in the library. The full list of fixtures is available here.
  • 2 DMX universes can be used.
  • Opens and saves Student Edition project files only.
  • Does not export Capture Presentation files.
  • Does not export (DXF or DWG) model files.

All console connectivity options are present and fully functional.

Here are all 3 programs working together:

A custom controller panel, created in Open Stage Control, drives the faders in the QLab Lighting Dashboard. Control can be by the fader input color picker, the faders themselves, whose output is monitored by the output color section, and overall level control on a master fader.

The DMX from QLab is sent over Art-Net to Capture Nexum and controls a simulated RGB fixture in the visualizer, placed on a stage with some props.

On the next pages, we will go through the set up of each of the 3 programs in detail.


Chapter Author: Mic Pool

Chapter Image:  From Pexels Creative Commons CC0 license

Capture Nexum is a commercial product and trademark  of
Capture Visualisation AB, 

Open Stage Control is an AMMD software licensed under the GNU/GPLv3 License